MX Design Studio™

Key Stats:

  • Over 500 different design templates
  • Average of 30 design templates per industry
  • 9 different types of marketing materials can be created


One of the biggest hassles in marketing is creating the materials. Do you hire an agency? A designer? Try to do it yourself using Powerpoint?

As a member of the Marketing Exchange, you can now create professionally designed marketing materials in minutes. We have hundreds of different creative templates from which to choose, and numerous options within your particular business category, whether you are Landscaper, a Dentist Office or a Day Care. And you don't need any design ability at all!

Some of the great materials you can create include flyers, brochures, doorhangers, print ads, posters, postcard mailers, and web ads.

The MX Design Studio™ also has a Radio Spot Writing Tool to help you craft a radio spot, and a Press Release Template so you can easily write your own press release in minutes.